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Roeland Hermsen 

In 2012 Roeland Hermsen joined Stonefield Hotel Marketing. His mission within Stonefield is to continue to act as a focal point in the contact between international travel companies and their hospitality partners. He brings with him, international experience in aviation and Hospitality distribution, as well as extensive knowledge in the field of E-Commerce. Stonefield Hotel & Travel Marketing is ready, as always, to remain a reliable and innovative partner, for preferred hoteliers and travel related clients, in this ever changing and challenging industry.

Diana Steenkamp        Harm Steenkamp     

Stonefield Hotel Marketing was founded in 2005 by Diana and Harm Steenkamp. Both come from long working backgrounds in the Hotel and Travel business. Their view was that, despite the ever growing use of digitalisation, there will always be a need for personal business contact. Over the years this seems to have been the right decision, for both Stonefield and their portfolio of satisfied clients.